Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Enjoying your HERE and NOW

I read this article this morning and thought it was just wonderful and exactly what we all need to hear (Hint: it's not about what you think)...
I know there are many times I can be the girl that is waiting for what's coming next for my life to get "better" or "easier". Those are the times I realize I'm not enjoying what I'm doing because I might be too consumed on focusing on what I don't have our what someone else does have. 
Each of us are given a unique life to live and special circumstances to endure that make us who we are. We are special and beautiful individuals and we should never wish to forfeit that for anything. 
Optimism is a hard  characteristic to learn if it's not naturally apart of you. But I belive it's what makes us see life for the good, it allows us to not only see what's good now but the possibility of what can be good. I have been told many times that this is a part of who I am, and I agree. Sometimes to the fault that I cannot see the reality or endure it because it isn't good,  but I'm learning to work on it. 
When life is exciting, good and simple, it is easy for me to go through it as though this is how it should be. But I sometimes forget to be thankful and embrace it. When the bad comes along I want to ignore it or I just want to get back to the good seasons. Both of these seasons make up life ans both make us better and who we are. We need to embrace and live in both the best we can.
We need to remember our life is perfect just the way it is in this moment, and we will never be here again.  So whether it's stressful, peaceful, looks great from the outside, or is a little jumbled, enjoy it. Learn from it. Never forget it. 
What do you think?

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