Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall is here

I love the colors of fall. The deep oranges, greens, browns, mustard yellow. My house has many of these colors year around in the decorations and even more when fall comes. Last year I began a project that was put on hold for a long time and I was finally able to complete. After being inspired by Southern Sotelo's recent blog post about her fall wreath I decided to finish mine! Read her blog post here

My husband and I were married in October of last year and we decided to save money by decorating our wedding with all fake flowers. After the wedding I was left with hundreds of beautifully colored flowers and I could only put so many around our one bedroom home. So they were left in a box in our storage (I did get the please of using them once to help decorate a friends wedding in April which was a lot of fun). When it came time to decorate our home for fall, I wanted to use them to make a wreath. I had some troubles figuring out how to make it without using a base and found it impossible. By the time I figured it out and found a base fall was over and my excitement for the project was no longer on the top of my list. 

But I am excited to say it is done and I love it I might even keep it up more than just in the fall since it matches our home so well! I use a wreath base, a glue stick and countless flowers and less than 2 hours of time. It was easy and fun to make and I am already making a second for a friend. I know wreaths are usually set on the outside of the door but it is so fun on the inside we are going to keep in here!

Happy fall everyone!

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