Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lauren F. - Admiring Our Youth

Today, meet
Lauren F.

Lauren is a 15 years old beauty.  As you can see below she loves horses. When she grows up she wants to be an Equestrian Veterinarian. Lauren has a generous and kind heart. This girl knows how to make people feel very special. Everyone wants to know Lauren because she radiates her gentleness and love. Lauren shares life with others by including them in everything going on. She is not consumed by looks, boys and stuff that has no value. This is her true beauty.

What is your biggest struggle when competing with the culture?

I battle with the difference between today's view of what beauty is and God's view of what beauty is and knowing that in God's eyes I am exactly the way He wants me to be.

How do you define beauty?

I define beauty as a sense of confidence in your faith and your character. I believe that if a woman is so beautiful on the inside and not so beautiful on the outside that everyone will only she her true beauty.

What makes you uniquely you?

I strive for a uniqueness in myself and a normality with those around me.

What is the source of your passion and strength?


If you could encourage other girls your age, what is one thing you would tell them?

That (as cheesy as it sounds) your true beauty is something that comes from within your heart.

I met Lauren though my old boss, she is his cousin. I had heard so much about her and couldn't wait to meet her. I was drawn to Lauren by her humility and desire to love others. I could see it in the way she would approach others, build relationships, share her life with me and of course the more we all got to know her the more we wanted to be around her. She inspires me to want to be like that. She inspires me to be more kind, gentle in spirit and loving to all I meet. 

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