Friday, September 13, 2013

Lauren H. - Admiring Our Youth

I am continuing the series Admiring our Youth today to reveal the true beauty in a generation that is sometimes mis-understood and under valued.


This wonderful girl is 16 years old and has impacted her world so much already. This is a girl who is confident in who she is and what she believes in and loving to all. Her kindness is radiant to everyone she is around. Her ability to connect and develop deep and meaningful relationships is inspiring.

When Lauren grows up she wants to be a mom and in ministry, and what is amazing about this, is she does everything she can now to learn and grow towards her goal. She is not waiting for life to happen to her, but engaging in it in every way she can. Meeting people, growing deeper in her relationship with God, learning as much as she can ect.

What is your biggest struggle when competing with culture?
My biggest struggle competing with culture is my self image and thinking that i am not beautiful because i don't look like, act like, or sound like these other girls.

How do you define Beauty?
I define beauty as a love of the Lord and how that love shows through actions, like loving others, and a purity about them.

What makes you uniquely you?
I am uniquely me because i am not afraid of being myself, and i am beautiful, funny and loving all because of what God has done with me 

What is the source of your passion and strength?
God is my source of passion and strength

If you could encourage other girls your age, what would you tell them?
I would tell other girls not to worry about getting a boyfriend because they are lonely, because God has the perfect man in store for them in His time and all you need to do is stay focused on your own relationship with Christ! Also that they are not just their appearances, they are so much more because of their personalities and their love of God!

I had the privileged of meeting Lauren 3 years ago before she came into high school. Rumors were spreading around that inspired me to get to know her more. I constantly heard of her lovely heart and crazy personality. Our goofy personalities instantly hit it off. Getting to know Lauren deeper and deeper and walking through life with her has made me believe that this girl has an awesome future. She is another example of how our teen generation is rocking the world and is going to continue to make it a better place.

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