Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I always seem to have something started but not yet ready to publish. It usually comes from being inspired on the go,  jotting it down,  and then needing to finish it later. But today,  and this past week I have been continually reminded of the beauty in my life and around me. I am a very positive person and can find good in most things: The relationships,  the blessings,  the opportunities, and the incredible southern California sunsets. And even so, I can be overcome by the hard things going on, the negative influences, the stress of life ect.

When we forget to see and be thankful for the amazing people, the abundance of things we have in our life, and the amazing creation around us  we can feel overwhelmed,  stressed,  depressed,  and unable to see the true beauty. But life is full of beauty and takes a conscious choice to see it.

So, today I choose optimism.  Today I Choose Beauty. Will you?

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